Cruel mother harming her child

This mother should probably be looked upon as one of the cruelest mothers in the world. The way she is hanging a rope around the neck of this kid is insane. She even is seen treating his baby like an animal. This is a mother who has no heart in her chest.

This is not the way you treat a baby. Look at the way she is giving him food. The baby looks more like a pet here. Even the lady posted photos of her baby and publish them on social media. She has been highly criticized by a lot of people. Many have called her cruel.

In the footages we can see the baby has been forced to tie a small rope around the neck and he is sitting right beside his mother. The mother is busy in her routine work. Now the baby is not doing much as he is having problems in getting anywhere.

There is a small bowl placed in front of the baby and it has some food present in it. The baby starts eating food and here we see the baby bound to eat the food like an animal. The poor baby has no idea about what he was doing. The mother should have been put behind bars for this act.

This mother when put these footages on the internet a lot of people scolded her a lot. As per them she does not deserve to be called a mother for what she has done to her baby. Most of the people got angry that the woman in the caption wrote that she has got a new pet. Now which mother does this to her baby? This shows us that the world has forgotten about love and values. There is just greed and immaturity living around all of us. This is really wrong in all accounts.

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