Church comes under fire

A church in USA came under fire and the local feel that it is the wrath of God upon them. They said that they have never seen an incident like this before. People are now scared and they are not willing to go near the church. They are feeling insecure.

The reason behind this fire was a thunderbolt that struck at the top of the cross. Now as there was electricity flowing through the cross, it turned into a short circuiting and as a result fire broke out. The people have been told he reason but somehow they are not buying it at all.

This incident happed last night. There was already a thunder storm predicted as per the weather forecast department. There was heavy rain as well. Now in that thunder storm the lightning struck on the cross and burnt the whole church down.

Now the people in the locality are religious here. They all are pretty certain that they have not done good deeds in the recent past and now the God is not happy with them. This is possible as religions give us this teaching the bad acts shall be punished.

But if we look into the details this can also be just a coincidence. It is all dependent on how you perceive this whole incident. There are a few people who feel that it was just a matter of bad luck to some extent. The lightning could have struck anywhere. The cross was there and unfortunately it hit it. The short circuiting was the main cause of fire and hence one could app this logic here as well. But as they say majority is authority. Most of the people believe that this was caused by the wrath of God and nothing else. They are now planning to make a religious ceremony to repent for their mistakes. Everyone has the right to do such things.

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