Arshad Khan Chai Wala quits showbiz

Arshad Khan who is known for his name Chai Wala is quitting the showbiz. The Pathan who used to work on a local hotel in Islamabad got an instant hit when one of his photos went viral on the social media. He became an overnight star in Pakistan and India.

Recently he starred in a music video which brought an outrage in his family and friends circle. Arshad did try to justify his position but now the news are that his family has asked him to quit the showbiz and go back to work in the same hotel.Arshad has laid down his weapons here. He will not be working in the showbiz anymore. He will quit everything and then would go back to work in the same hotel. As per his manager the pressure was mainly from the family especially after the release of his new music video.

There was a lot of criticism made on Arshad. Most of the people thought that it was unethical on his part. Arshad already announced that he will not take part in such things but now he has done it and the people who liked him are not happy with it. Arshad faced a lot of embarrassment in front of his family. They were absolutely unhappy with his work and now they have given their verdict. Arshad comes from a Pathan family and this clan has pretty strict cultures and values. They don’t allow such kind of things.

This is what Arshad did not take notice of else he might have skipped away with it. People like him should know that they come from mediocre families and there are some cultural values in such families. You cannot run away from these customs and values. This is the reason that most of the mediocre families don’t allow their kids to work in the field of showbiz.

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