The reality of grave punishments

There is a belief amongst the Muslims that when a person dies and is buried in the grave. After that two angles come to his grave and asks him three questions. Those who remained faithful to the lord will easily answer these questions.

Those who did not obey their lord will not be able to get any answer right. Now after that those who gave the answers right will be asked to enjoy their journey to paradise. Those who have failed will be punished in their graves. Now this is something which every Muslim believes about.

Now there are many myths about this one belief as well. People have fabricated their own stories in the game of grave punishment. Some people have written so many things about this with so much authority that one feels that this person might have been inside the grave and watching all the proceedings.

People who have read Islam in the best possible way have said that these are one of those beliefs which a Muslim cannot see until he leaves this world. There are no proofs of in. faith is all about believing in those things and entities which you have never seen. This is the primary rule.

Now the Muslims in Pakistan and India re mostly poor and uneducated. They believe in everything that has been told to them with the tag of religion. They don’t put their own research on these topics. For them what the others have told them in the name of religion is what the truth is. This is the reason that those who have taken some education now are not involved in such activities. They believe that education is the biggest problem in Pakistan and India. In Pakistan there is no concept of education in the poor class. They are more inclined towards making few pennies to get their lives going and that is it for them.

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