Shakti Kapoor angry with daughter Sharaddha

Bollywood veteran actor Shakti Kapoor is not happy with his daughter Sharaddha Kapoor. In fact her relations with Farhan Akhtar has irked the actor. Recently Shakti almost dragged her daughter from the house of Farhan and took her with him.

Farhan and Sharaddha came close during the shoot of Rock On 2. The two are currently seeing each other and as per the media reports they are pretty close to each other now. This news has definitely given the media a lot of hype and they are digging it further as well.

As per the details Shraddha started getting close to Farhan on the sets of Rock On 2. This movie is the sequel of the famous Rock On. Shraddha was part of the first installment. She was taken in the second. Now Shakti was not happy with his daughter. Farhan was married before and then he divorced his wife. He then started getting involved in Aditi Rao who was her female lead cast in the last movie Farhan did. Now it is Shraddha who has entered into the world of Farhan Akhtar here.

As per the news Shakti when came to knew that Shraddha was staying at Farhan’s home he got livid with self. He went to the house and asked her daughter to come out and each her house. As per the sources there was one a hot debate crated and then Shakti tried to put Shraddha back in his car. The film actress is definitely now liking a ll. She believe she is now much mature and she knows what is ahead of her, good or bad. As per Shraddha there was no physical contact made and the media is only creating a fake hype about this news. She said that most of the thing she read on the media re fake about her. She said that everything is good between her and her father.

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