People around a grave in Pakistan

There is another story breaking up and this is about a grave in Pakistan. This grave is located in a remote village and as per the locals they have heard sounds coming out of the grave. The sound is more like heart beat pounding. Now that is pretty strange.

As per the locals this started to happen a few days ago. Before that there was no issue like this reported. Some of the people did hear those sounds and they have told the rest of the village. Now the whole village is often seen near the grave trying to hear the voices.

The first person who heard these noises said that he was standing on a grave near by a few days back. He heard those noises and at first he got scared. And ran off the place. Then he gathered his courage and went back to the grave yard.

He said that he searched out a lot first as he thought there was some living thing present and the voices was coming from it. But he was wrong as there was no one present in the graveyard at that time. The man then started looking around again this time he found out that the voices were coming out of a grave.

He first made sure that the voices were coming out of the grave. Once he was confirmed he went back to the village and told the others. First people did not believe it at all. They all went out to the graveyard and found out that this man was absolutely right. Here we see the villagers sitting around the grave and trying their best to listen to the voices. Some of them were asking the people to keep quite in order to hear the noises properly. There was something really happening around and the people wanted to know about it.

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