Peers doing wrong activities in Pakistan

Taveez is one thing which is pretty common in Pakistan and India. The lack of all sorts of education has given some people a fortune. This is not about the political parties but those people who say that they are serving religion. This is just one the many stories.

This man was caught in the city of Gujranwala. He is a so called peer who used to give Taveez about getting a baby boy. In Pakistan and India the sons are more important and daughters are not considered as much important. They are thought as nothing but a burden.

As per the reports there was a peer who was doing all sorts of illegal and unethical doings with the females living around. Now this man use to give taveez to the females. As per him his taveez would make the woman able to deliver a baby boy. Now there were 300 women who became his hunt. He did wrong with all of them and also recoded all the things on camera to blackmail those ladies. Now he has been caught and the police has taken him away. This is also a part of Pakistani society.

The people done have strong faith. All the time they are looking for such people calling themselves peers to help them around. These peers know the weakness of a persona and after that they tend to blackmail them for money. This is their business.

This peer was doing all this for money and for his own desires. People should learn some from these news. A man who cannot help himself how he can help others. This is a pretty simple question. People don’t go towards the right direction. They are always distracted and wandering around such peers for no use. This is so wrong. One should believe in God and keep his faith to him. Good things to come.

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