Old blind man gets his sighting back in Makkah

A blind old man got his eye sight back in the city of Makkah while praying. This might come as a shocker for many but this is what has actually happened there. This man was praying to the Lord for his problems and his lord has answered his prayers.

The blind man can now see and he is pretty much happy about it. This whole incident was also caught on camera as well. A man was holding this old man and we can see that first he was unable to see and then suddenly he started seeing things around him.

Now this is miracle and nothing else than it. Those who believe that miracles don’t happen or they are under the laws of science should take a look at this clip. This is not a fabricated one. This is recorded from a mobile camera and it has become viral around the world now.

People are looking at this clip from different perspectives. Some are still finding it really hard to believe in this. But then again they hardly have any proof to prove this is a fake or fabricated video. This is where things come to a one point.

It is up to your choice either you believe it or you don’t. This is the primary choice that the lord even has given to the whole mankind. It is up to each and every person’s choice to either accept that such things or call them miracles do exist or if they want to deny them then again it is upon their own choice.
In Pakistan many of the people who have seen this video have accepted it as a real one. In this part of the world Muslims believe in such miracles a lot. They believe that with good and faithful people such things can happen and they do get special prizes.

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