Najia Baig crying live on TV in morning show

The famous Najia Baig who got fame from the show Hasb e Haal was seen crying on a TV show. It was a morning show and Najia was invited on the show. She was remembering her mother and the relationship she enjoyed with her.

Najia said that she had a great relation. She was her best friend and she kept securing her all the time. Mother’s love has no alternative as tit has been said. Najia hardly comes on TV now. After quitting the Hasb e Haal Show she did not join any program till now.

Najia was going pretty well in her show. She was working with names like Junaid Saleem and Sohail Ahmad. But then the production unit was asked to increases the members of the show. This was not acceptable to Najia. She believed that this will decrease his viewership.

She protested which did not work and ultimately she had to leave the show. Her absence from the show was noticed immediately by the fans and the ratings did get a drop after she left the show. Now she is not part of any political program on TV channels. In the morning show Najia broke into tears remembering her mother. The host asked her about the confidence she has to face the camera. As per Najia she got this from her mother. She was her best friend and she was always there for her.

Najia also spoke about her absence from the TV channels. She said that after Hasb E Haal she has not signed to any project. She said that she did have a lot of offers from different TV channels but she has not decided anything about them at the moment. She wants to spend some time off the camera. This is a good thing to do or the time being. She can get work later.

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