Lion cuddling with his master

There is a trend in some people to keep lions as a pet. Now this needs a big heart. Keeping a lion in your house is something which can be considered as a very risky business. Still there are a few people who have kept lions in their houses as pets.

This man here is one of them and he has told the story of this lion as well. He got this lion as a gift from a friend. It was a cub at the time when he got it. Now the lion has become young and he has developed a sense of trust and love with his master or owner for that matter.

As per the owner he always was fanaticized about lion since he was a kid. He always wanted a lion as pet in the house. At that time his parents did not allow that. They thought that the lion was a dangerous creature and can lay harm as well.

The man had to wait for a very long time. When he became young one of his friends gave a cub to him as a birthday gift. From that day onwards the man is living with his lion. The two are best of friends and they never leave to any place without each other. This is one sensational story.

As per the man his pet lion everything. He has not been particular about his diet. He made sure that he eats everything and became used of it. The lion is pretty much tamed now and he behaves like a tamed animal now. He does not give any problem to anyone.

Even the neighbors of this man have no issue with this lion. They believe that he is now adapted to these conditions and he knows who is who. This is pretty extra ordinary as it gives us details of how one can keep the wildest beast of the jungle with himself.

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