Amazing landing from plane

A strange baby has been born in Nepal. This baby looks like a frog. There is no gap in between his lower body and head. That means this baby has no neck at all. He has strange eyes as well. The baby is looked upon as a supernatural creature.

Now his parents have no problem with it. They feel that there is nothing wrong in the baby has some deformity. They said that this is their baby and that is the bottom line. They will raise him like other kids and there will be no discrimination made in this regards.

This is pretty strange but here is something that is much stranger. We see the landing of a NASA plane carrying a space shuttle on the top. Now this is something which is pretty amazing. Two planes landing at the same time. Pretty heavy as well.

The landing of the shuttle on the back of a plane takes plane in the air. The space shuttle comes down after completing its mission and the carrier is already there waiting for it. The shuttle comes on the top of this carrier. There are special jacks fit on the top of this carrier and they help the shutter get attached on top of the carrier. This is how the shuttle is placed on the top and it does not move while the other plane going down and then landing as well.

NASA is doing a great job in making sure that the humans reach as far as possible in the space. Their mission is to get the study of the cosmology. They are doing a great job here. The study of the outer galaxies has always fascinated the humans. The stars which are shinning over out heads can only give you a glimpse of how big this universe is. This is indeed the proof that we have an authority over out heads.

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