Strange creature spotted in mountains

This world is full of strange creatures. Many of them have been discovered and many are still out there who have been seen only. From the world of large size bats to big foot the world has seen some really amazing creature. This one here is one of those. This creature was spotted in the mountains area in Pakistan. The locals said that it only comes in the night. The eyes are the part which attracts a lot in this creature. They glow like they have some huge light fitted in them.

There was an old man from this village who saw this creature first. He was coming his way home when he saw this creature sitting on a rock. The man got scared and this creature itself got scared and ran off. The man told this to his friends in the village. First people made fun of him. They all thought that he was not in his senses but when a couple of other people said that they too have seen this creature that was time when the story became all real. Soon most of the villagers saw it.

As per the reports this creature has not harmed any person from the village. It comes out in the night. Looks for food and then vanishes in the dark. It even does not come near the village as well. All the time it just stays away from the humans. Now that is something really amazing.

In the past we have seen that such animals or creatures tend to attack the humans. There are many accidents in which strange creatures attacked a person and harmed him or her. But this one is not one of those creatures. It stays on his routine. This means that this creature knows the humans and hence it is not coming near them at all. There are some footages of this creatures as well.

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