Sana Nawaz gives weight loss tips to audience

Sana Nawaz is famous film star in Pakistan. She has done a lot of films and dramas in Pakistan and is one of the leading actresses in both the industries. She has been around for so many years now. Sana is a mother of two kids as well.

In a morning show she was asked about how she reduced her weight. Sana said that she did get some fats on her body after the birth of her kids but she controlled her weight. Sana said that she spends time at the gym and then the diet come as second important factor.

As per Sana you always get weight after the birth of your child. The skin also gets a lot lose. There are fats as well. The fats are also produced if you eat a lot of junk food. She said that she is from Lahore hence the eating good is always there.

Lahore is one city in Pakistan where food is everything. The natives of this part of Pakistan surely knows what is cooking and then what is eating. The Lahori food is always something which attracts people. This is the reason people run for Lahore all the time.

Sana is from Lahore and hence she eats everything. But at the same time she burns all the fats in the gym. She said that she never skips gym. She knows the importance of gym. She lost her weight in the gym. Also she did some home remedies for her weight issue. Sana said that weight is a problem. If you don’t control it then it will make you pretty lazy and sluggish. As an active part of the family you should keep yourself fit all the time. There are many things which you can do. There are tips and tricks for weight loss and one can give them a try in home as well.

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