Sana Nawaz Dance in morning show

Film star Sana has two kids and yet she looks absolutely ravishing. She did gain some weight in the past but then she shredded it off and now she is back in her actual shape. In a morning show she told the audience about her diet and the way she reduced her weight.

Sana said that diet and exercise are the two main things which helps a person get the fats burning. She said that don’t eat everything and if you do then burn it in the gym. There is no exception in this schedule. There are many things that play their part.

Sana came out in a morning show hosted by none other than the energetic Faisal Qureshi. Sana walked onto the ramp and she was looking absolutely stunning. She has shredded all the wait she gained after the birth of her second baby. Sana moved and grooved on the ramp and then she shared her secrets to her beauty. Sana said that she is part of the media world and as a result she has to do a lot to keep herself fit. She was right about it. As a result to all the efforts she has maintained herself really well.

Sana said that if you become bulky then certainly the audience will not like that. They want their famous stars to look more like real stars shining all the time. She said that gym and diet is her secrets. She has worked on these two a lot. Also there are some home remedies she did to burn all the fats in her body. She said that it takes some time and hard work but the results are in front of he people. She said that burning fats is not easy as you have to keep a lot of things in mind but that is what you have to achieve.

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