Camel takes revenge from butcher

During the Eid Ul Adha there are many Muslims who sacrifice an animal. In the Arab countries the tradition is to sacrifice a camel. Now that is not an easy job. The height and size of this animal make it pretty tough to sacrifice. There is a certain technique to do it.

If the butcher is new or inexperienced then certainly he faces a lot of issues. This one here looks an inexperienced one and he injures the camel. The camel in anger attacks the butcher and throws him away. This is where experience comes. One should always hire an experienced butcher.

As per the details this butcher was hired by an Arab family. He did told them that he as good experience of butchering animals but he was lying about it. He was nowhere close to it. He lied because of the money he wanted to earn. This man had no idea where to mark the cut. He was nervous when he saw the camel. Now when he tried to sacrifice the camel it just went all too wrong. He injured the camel and the animal just got frustrated with all of it. The camel started attacking the butcher.

The butcher tried his best to escape away but then he failed and the camel put his mouth around his waist and plucked him of the ground. The camel then threw away the butcher giving him some injuries. That was not the right way to deal with an animal of this big size. The butcher left the place. The owner of the house got the idea that the butcher was not an experienced one and he had to get someone who can do it well. At the end he hired a new one and asked him to do the sacrifice. One should look for an experienced butcher always. Inexperienced one cost money.

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