Nadia Hussain walking on the ramp in morning show

Nadia Hussain is a doctor yet she is not known for this profession. Instead she is known as one of the best models in Pakistan. Nadia is one of the pioneers of fashion industry in Pakistan. She now owns her own clothing line as well.

She studied medicines and then did not go for a house job. She was offered in the fashion industry a chance to shine and she accepted the offer. Now she is one of the stars of this business. She is shining bright and despite being a mother of three children she is still pretty.

Nadia also owns a beauty salon in Karachi. She definitely used her brains. She knew that one day will come when she will not be allowed to get on the ramp hence she spent her money on the right thing. Now she has small businesses which will help her in her financial matters.

Nadia recently walked on the ramp on a morning show. There were a few other models with her and actresses Sana was also there. All of them walked on the ramp. Faisal Qureshi is the host of this morning show. This show has some good ratings as well.The media, TV and fashion industry from Pakistan has taken a boom in the last decade. Since the arrival of the private channels there is a lot of competition in the market. Every channel wants to attract more viewers and hence they don’t compromise on the quality of the content they are showing.

This is a healthy competition. It has helped the audience to get into some different flavors and good quality content. At the moment every Pakistani channel is trying their best to increase their viewership and that is only possible if they keep on delivering good quality content to the audiences. Change the flavor a little bit as well.

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