Marwa Hocane dance in morning show

Marwa Hocane is a pretty good dancer compared to her acting skills. Pakistani TV channels can make you famous and that is true. Marwa got no acting skills and yet she is considered as an actress. She has got some dancing moves only.

Recently on a morning show she gave the details of her sister wedding. Urwa got married to famous singer Farhan Saeed. The couple is not going anywhere for the honey moon and are in Pakistan as they have got their commitments for the TV industry.There were a lot of things which Marwa told about the wedding of her sister. She even told the audience that her sister Urwa fell in the mosque where the Nikkah was made. Marwa was kind of upset with the way people bashed the wedding.

There were a lot of comments made on the dance which Marwa and Urwa and all the other people did in the wedding. But the thing is that these dances are done in almost all the weddings. Only in villages there might be some exception.

Marwa said that every one has the right to celebrate a wedding. She was not happy with the way people commented on the dances. She said that it was her sister who got married and in happiness they were just enjoying. If people did not like it they should have not watched it as well. She definitely had a point here. People in Pakistan first take a detail account of any happening and then they start bashing it. The best way is not to watch it and then bash it. It will make some sense. But after watching everything and fulfill your desire then bashing does not make any sense. Definitely the mindset needs to be changed in the Pakistani community. Only the education can change this and until that one only has to bare all this.

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