Mahira Khan sharing stories of Bin Roye incidents

Mahira Khan escaped two life threatening incidents during the shooting of the film Bin Roye. She was present in a morning show when she said that people think there was only one accident happened during the shoot but they are wrong.

She said t that in one accident Humayun Saeed was with him who was the male lead in the film. In the second she was all alone. She said that she was really happy that she made it through and did not get much harm as well. Mahira and Humayun both shared a lot of other incidents as well.

Mahira in the morning show said that in the first incident she was with the lead actor Humayun when the two fell and it was pretty much scary. They both were lucky that they survived and no harm was laid to them in that incident. In the second incident she was alone and she fell off. Mahira did get some injuries again but again she was thankful to the heavens that nothing major happened to her. There were some small injuries but not anything close to a fracture.

Mahira is in the news these days. She did a film with Shahrukh Khan in India, Raees and that film has now been launched. Mahira played the role of the lady love of Shahrukh Khan in the film. As usual she did not get a major role because in the Khan’s film the ladies don’t get much space. Most of the time it is the Khans capturing the screen. But still lead actresses are always in contention to get a role in the films of Khans. The reason is the success guarantee. If it is Shahrukh, Salman or Amir Khan’s film it will be a block buster for sure. There are very less chances that the film will not do well.

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