Humayun Saeed celebrating Wife Samina Saeed’s Birthday

Humayun Saeed a well known personality an actor a host. He is very good and very talented actor. Humayun Saeed also worked in Indian Movies. Humayun Saeed is well settled person. He has a great talent of acting. Humayun Saeed latest movie Bin Roye is releasing soon. He worked with Mahira Khan in this movie.

This is an instagram video of Humayun Saeed. Humayun Saeed is celebrating his wife Samina Saeed’s Birthday. Humayun Saeed had as great love for his family you can see this in the video. Humayun Saeed and his Wife Samina Saeed is looking very gorgeous together.

Samina is much elder to Humayun. She was said to be her boss before the two got married. Humayun always had this thing in his mind that he has a future in the world of TV and glamour. He went in and then got the desired results as well. His first telefilm was a hit in which he played the role of a reporter who is living in a house which is haunted. There was a spirit of a female living in that house as well. She was a young girl who committed suicide on the day of her marriage.

As per the plot she was waiting anxiously for the groom and then she heard the news that he did not come. She thought that boy never loved her at all. She became desperate and in that she commits suicide. Now that was a wrong move made on her account. Humayun being a journalist started searching the case. He found out that the boy lost his life on the same day of his marriage. He was not in the world and hence he could not make it into his own marriage. This news never reached the girl and all she came to know that she was betrayed which was false. This was a classic and Humayun did one of the best jobs.

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