Biggest Claims about Gen Bajwa by Astrologer in Live show

After Gen Raheel Sharif’s retirement Gen Qamar Bajwa was elected Army chief of Pakistan. Gen Raheel Sharif was one of the best Army Chief in the history of Pakistan. Gen Bajwa was also a good person. He’ll serve Pakistan as Raheel Sharif serves it. Gen Bajwa is a true lover of Pakistan.

In a show, host called an astrologer in show. Astrologer claims many unusual things in the live show. On a question about Marshal Law in Pakistan he also replied a shocking answer. Now this show was hosted by one of the renowned journalists in Pakistan. She invited a lot of palmists, card readers and people from this field. She asked a lot of questions about many things about the future of Pakistan in the next year.

There will be no martial law. General Bajwa will go on the same directions which were left by General Raheel. There will be no mercy shown to the bad elements. This is a really good news for the Pakistani people. They have been fighting against these bad elements for more than a decade now.

Also there was news about the Sharif brothers. As per one of the members of this panel. He sees a dark future for one of the Sharif brothers. He predicted that he sees the demise of one of the Sharif brothers. Now that was another big news for the Pakistani people. At the moment both the Sharif brothers are in the ruling party. One is the prime minster of Pakistan and the second one is the chief minister of the biggest province. There were many others things told in the show. Call them predictions but once again the main thing is that our religion forbids us to listen to what such people say about yourself or for any other entity.

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