Aroha Khan gets married on a morning show

Pakistani TV actress Aroha Khan is getting married and one of the TV channels asked her to start the celebrations with one of their morning shows. Aroha accepted the request and here we see the Mehndi celebrations of the wedding celebrated on the channel.

This is one of the popular morning shows and it was a good fan following. Aroha also said a yes keeping this thing in mind that with this she will definitely involve a lot of people especially females in her wedding. This is a good move from the TV actress.

Now this marriage in front of the TV on a morning show is not a new thing. It has been happening for the past multiple years now. This is not a good trend set by the Pakistani media and that is the voice of many people living in Pakistan. They feel this is disrespect. There are many people in Pakistan who feel that Marriage is a blessing and a very much private ceremony. People only invite those people whom they know well and that is where the privacy element comes in. on such TV shows there is no privacy.

It does give you a chance to celebrate your wedding with a whole lot of people but then again there is no privacy left in it. Also the Mehndi celebrations is something which is not a part of our religion. It does have a custom or social tag behind it but there are a few people who think that this is not just right way to celebrate the marriage. Aroha Khan decided to celebrate her marriage on TV which is up to her choice. The media needs such things to breath. If there are no such things to show then media has nothing to show at all to the people in the name of entertainment.

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