Women gets angry on Fahad Mustafa, Jeeto Pakistan

The anchor of the famous gaming show Jeeto Pakistan who is also one of the leading actors in Pakistan had to face an embarrassing situation in his show. One of the female contestants on his show asked him not to call her Auntie.

Now this women was of an age and yet she wanted this guy who is much younger to her not call her Auntie. This is pretty strange and kind of a stereotype. Aged women are given respect and yet they want not be given this. Pakistan old females need to admit facts about their age.

Now such game shows also show us the mentality and the greed we people have inside us as a society. Many a times people are seen literally begging the host Fahad to give them prizes without any question or playing the different games. This show also comes in Ramadan. Now in this holy month people should beg to Allah to his mercy and blessings but instead of all this they are seen begging the host. This is the fall which the educated people are talking about that our society has taken.

This aged woman did not like to be called Auntie. She wants people to lie to her and tell her that she is still young. This is absolutely crazy to say someone that you are young despite knowing the fact that the person is old enough.

Some people feel that this is funny. They are not wrong in their perception as well. This is indeed funny but at the same time there are always messages in things we see. This is the message here that when you are old admit it that you have grown up to a number which is marked under Being Aged. If you don’t accept it people will make fun of you.

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