Junaid Jamshed last Naat recorded on TV

Junaid Jamshed is no more with us but his memories will always be there in our hearts. He was an iconic figure in Pakistan. Junaid Jamshed lost in life in the fatal PK661 air plane accident. He and his second wife were on that flight.

The plane was flying from Chitral and the destination was Islamabad. There was a technical fault in the air plane before the flight and it should have not been allowed to go in the air. The risk was taken and now 47 souls are lost. Junaid was one of them.

This is the last Naat that Junaid recoded for a TV channel. He recited it during a morning show. This show was recorded in Turkey. Junaid once again showed the intensity of his voice only this time it was not the traditional music and song he used to perform years ago.

He was a pop singer who had seen everything, money and fame. He was one of the most beautiful faces from Pakistan. But then Junaid took a turn, a turn that changed his path of life and became an inspiration for many people around the globe. He became a preacher of Islam. There was a lot of debate on him when he decided to quit music.

The reason that he was at the top of his career when he left music. He used to earn is millions and billions and yet he decided to leave all of it. Junaid saw some of the toughest days of his life in that tenure but he stood fast. He did not let himself go lose on anything. He was right there and soon his issues started to resolve by themselves. Junaid was certainly a character who is an inspiration for people to look and admire. He was a beautiful soul that has left us all.

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