Salman Khan ignore Aishwarya Rae at awards function

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rae love story is not hidden from any one. The two loved each other a lot and then some differences came in between the two. After that the two split away. But Salman Khan still holds something for Aishwarya in his heart.

The Bollywood King ignored her ex at an award function recently. Salman Khan saw Aishwarya with the Bachans and had to stop his entry at the red carpet first. Later he went out when Aishwarya came out to the stage to perform. Salman has not forgotten anything.

Many years ago the two did a film and as per some people on the stage of that film the two fell in love. But then there are some people who think that they were in love before the film because the chemistry the two showed between each other can only be signaled as the two felt it.

After that the complications arose and ultimately it was finished between Salman and Aishwarya. But Salman has never denied the fact that he still has a thing for her. He never admits this publically but sometimes actions are louder than words.

Salman stopped at the entrance of the awards show when Aishwarya was having a photo shoot with Amitabh and Jia Bachan, her father and mother in law. Once they left he went in. not only this but after when Salman came to know that Aishwarya was about to perform in the event, he left his seat. He did not go out of the event but he was never seen near the sitting area as well. All these things are definitely pointing out that he was feeling uncomfortable with the presence of Aishwarya Rai. He wanted to move away from her and he did exactly that. Salman is forcing himself here for sure.

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