Kareena Kapoor discharged from hospital, reaches home

Kareena Kapoor is back in her house with husband Saif Ali Khan. She has been discharged from the hospital and the cameras captured her with husband Saif and newly born son Taimur Ali Khan. Kareena surely looks fresh and was happy.

This is another good news for he couple. There was no complication in the delivery. It was normal and both Kareena and her son are fine. Saif is also seen here having a huge smile on his face. He and Kareena waved back to the fans as well from the balcony.

Most of the Indian media already had the news that Kareena was expected to be discharged today so one team of all the channel was outside the hospital while the other one was stationed outside the house of Saif Ali Khan. The media did get a lot of pictures as the couple went out of the balcony and they waved at the fans and media. There was a lot of public gathered outside the house of Saif and Kareena and they did enjoyed their moment with the two super stars.

The little baby was with Saif and Kareena was standing by her husband. The media is already making a lot of news on the couple. The name of the kid is the biggest of them all. There are a lot of people who did not like the name Taimur. As per them the Mongol king Taimur invaded India and hence this name should have not been considered. But the Bollywood is with Saif and Kareena on this name. They all feel that the right to name their kid is with Saif and Kareena. If they want to name their kid Taimur than no body has the right to ask them to change it for what ever reasons. This is what the rights of people is all about.

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