Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan baby boy photos

The internet is running after the searches of the Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor baby boy photos. There is a lot of photos on the internet. Many of them are fake and they are photoshoped. But these here are the real ones.

Now these are the real images as we can see both Saif and Kareena in these photos. The baby is also there right next to them. This is one of the most beautiful pictures as parents are always happy and proud to see a new born right beside them.

There was a lot of buzz in the Indian media regarding her pregnancy of Kareena Kapoor. There was a lot of speculations about her pregnancy at the start. Kareena initially denied all the rumors. Earlier after her marriage with Saif she said that she was not thinking about a baby.

Kareena said that she wants to focus on her acting career. Also she said that she and Saif will make a mutual decision regarding the pregnancy and the baby. Now that decision was made 9 months ago. The couple has been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

Both the parents have named their son Taimur Ali Khan. Now this name has already hit a debate in India. As per the Indian literature Taimur is a name that has a horrible history with the Hindus. There are a few fractions who are against this name. The Bollywood industry stands with Kareena and Saif on this name issue. They feel that they are the parents and deserve every right to name their son whatever they want. Now that is a sane approach. The couple is pretty much happy and not bothered about all the news that are coming out of the media regarding their baby boy. They want to enjoy this special occasion and no controversy should stop them from doing this.

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