Iman Ali celebrates her 39th Birthday

The beautiful Iman Ali is now 39 years old. Don’t be baffled as it is true that the leading faces of Pakistan showbiz and fashion industry is now 39 years old. She does not look that old is another thing that captures the minds of us all.

Iman Ali is the daughter of veteran Pakistan actor Abid Ali. Her acting genes came from her father. Iman started her career with modeling and soon she was ranked as the best female model in Pakistan. After that she entered the TV and film industry and made a name for herself.

Iman Ali did a lot of fashion shows and photo shoots. She has been blessed with features that makes the camera fall in love with her. This is the reason of her screen beauty. She does not overloads herself with makeup and is naturally beautiful. Iman did a film with Shoaib Mansoor. Now that was a big block buster in Pakistan cinema. Khuda Kay Liye became an overnight success. This film did spark a huge controversy as well but at the same time it hit the box office and stole everything as well.

Iman Ali gave herself a new look from this film. People then realized that her acting skills are of no match. She performed in a few other films as well. Iman is a stunning actress. She knows how to enjoy her job. She has a natural talent for acting and that is something which is really good. She has been around for a while now. She is 39 and still looks in the mid-20s. This is her beauty. Her fans are pretty much eager to see her back into the TV or film screen. The choice is up to her when she will return to the world of glamor. Happy birthday to her.

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