Alpha Bravo Charlie best scenes, Pakistani Drama

Alpha Bravo Charlie was a classic from the mind of famous Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor. This drama revolved around the lives of Pakistan army and the men living these lives. It was one of the finest dramas that came from the national television of Pakistan.

These are some of the best scenes which came from this drama. Gul Sher was one of the favorites from this drama. His role was performed by Captain Abdullah. Abdullah is now a Colonel in the Pakistan army. The others actors did some great work as well.

This drama made Pakistani people fell in love with the Pakistan army. There were a lot of youngsters who got inspired from this drama and went on to join the army. Now that is one impact which you will feel that was extra ordinary and it was indeed.

Here are some of the best scenes from this drama. There is no doubt that all of the episodes were extra ordinary from this drama. But then again there was always some scenes that are carved into the minds of the audience. Here most of the scenes involve Gul Sher. He was a polite young man who joined the army. A girl fell in love with him. He was the nervous one all the time in that relationship. The two had a great chemistry on the screen. Their couple was the best one in the drama.

Now this drama is still watched by a lot of audience. There are many who want to relive the moments again. This is the beauty of the old dramas that PTV gave to the Pakistani audience. They have been directed with some real beauty. Army men and their lives is something which people dream in Pakistan and hence this one drama holds a very special place in the hearts of Pakistanis.

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