Aamir Khan’s Reply on Releasing DANGAL In Pakistan

Aamir Khan’s latest flick Dangal will not be released in Pakistan. Despite the Pakistani cinema owners lifted the ban from all the Indian movies still Dangal could not make it. This one film will not be shown on any of the Pakistan cinemas.

Aamir Khan was recently asked about the release of the film in Pakistan. He too admitted that despite the lifting of the ban Dangal will not be showcased in the Pakistani cinemas. As per the actor there are some reasons for it which he cannot tell on camera.

The reason that Pakistani cinema owners imposed a ban on the Indian films was because of the ongoing contention between the two countries. There was tension at the borders and hence there was no possibility available for the owners to give a green signal to the Indian films. Now that the tension is over for the time being the cinema owners also decided not to put burden on their backs. They want money to run cinemas and hence they decided to lift the ban on the Indian movies. But Dangal is an exception.

The reasons of this ban has not been highlighted in the media so for. The media is totally unaware of the issues related to this one film in Pakistan. The story is about a wrestler who wanted a son to carry forward his legacy but never got one. He had daughters and one day he decided to teach them the art of wrestling. That is the main theme of this film. Aamir has done another magnificent job in this film. He know how to give life to a character. He is the Mr. Perfectionist in the Bollywood. Amir is also pretty much hopeful about the success of his film. He said that everyone has worked hard in this film.

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